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Eye exercises to improve vision are all the rage these days as more and more people are into natural healing techniques and not so quick to go under the knife.  The question is, do these eye exercises really help to alleviate vision problems and help promote good eye health?  Most of the eye  techniques shown in videos seem so simple that they leave one wondering if they should even bother.  Focus here, focus there, rub on the inside, now on the outside.   These are the eye exercises that are now popular vision therapy techniques.   I must say that I have used the techniques and my eyesight has definitely improved.  What about eye exercises for glaucoma, or eye exercises for lazy eye syndrome, and eye exercises for astigmatism?  It seems to work for all of this as well.  In fact, some professionals insist that it is the glasses and contacts themselves that ruin vision over time, and by using these simple eye exercises for 15 minutes each day, one can change the shape of the eye, or improve eyesight.


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